• The Chalet - Cat Stand

The cat Chalet is a great window seat that your cat can either go inside or on top or can be used by two cats at once. It has a 20" high leg mounted on a sturdy 19 x 16" base. On top of the leg sits a housing unit that is 13" high with a 8" square opening, and carpeted floor and wall on the inside.

This is a piece of cat furniture that hits 4 of a cat's basic needs - climbing, scratching, hiding, and watching the world outside.

  • 35 inches total height
  • Optional Sisal Covered Post
  • Assembly Required
  • Instructions And Hardware Included.
Made in USA
Type Handmade
Base 19x16"
Height 35"
Base 3/4" Plywood
Covering Carpet
Post Covering Carpet/Sisal
Post Pine

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The Chalet - Cat Stand

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