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PetCentric offers it's own line of hand-made cat furniture

PetCentric Pet Supplies has been selling wholesale pet furniture for over 25 years and offering online retail nationwide for the past 20 years.


Ring of Slumber  - Cat Furntiture

Ring of Slumber - Cat Furntiture

Great for Cats or Ferrets. The Ring of Slumber pet play stand is 13" in diameter, 12" wide..


Double Diamond - Cat Stand

Double Diamond - Cat Stand

The Double Diamond is a great piece of cat furniture for multiple cat owners. It has a 24 x 24"..


Natural Pedestal - Cat Stand

Natural Pedestal - Cat Stand

This natural pedestal comes with a 16 x 16" carpeted base and matching 10 x 12" top piece...


The Chalet - Cat Stand

The Chalet - Cat Stand

The cat Chalet is a great window seat that your cat can either go inside or on top or can be used by..