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Cooling Crate Fans with Air Condit

Product SKU: Dog2208

Shipping Weight: 3.00 lbs

Two speed crate fans provide a refreshing air flow for pets where ever they travel, or while at home.Retractable arm allows the fan to be hung on any crate, carrier or cage. These fans will circulate the air while removing the warm air from the cage and keep pets from overheating. Powered by 4 "C" batteries ( not included). These sleek compact fans measure 7 long x 8 High x 2 1/2" deep with a quiet two-speed operation that will not disturb your pet. The Deluxe fan (ice blue color) features a thermostatic control that will automatically activate at a pre-set temperature setting. The Standard model (silver) features a built in thermometer to measure ambient temperature, and just recently added is a makeshift air conditioning unit that attaches to either fan. This unit contains a specially formed piece that you allow to freeze and then combined with the cover piece attaches to the back of the fans and blows cold air on your pet. This piece is available individually or as a combination kit with a fan.


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