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PetCentric offers it's own line of hand-made cat furniture

PetCentric Pet Supplies has been selling wholesale pet furniture for over 21 years and offering online retail nationwide for the past 16 years.


Crows Nest - Cat Stand

Crows Nest - Cat Stand

The cat's Crows Nest is an attractive piece of cat furniture. It is mounted on a 16" x 19&..


Hole and One Shelf   - Cat Stand

Hole and One Shelf - Cat Stand

The hole and one shelf is a fun play and rest space for your cat and makes a great window perch. It ..


Small Cat Treehouse

Small Cat Treehouse

The Small Tree-house climbing tree is purrfect for one or two cats. It has a 16 x 19 inch base, a 18..


Hollow Log - Cat Furniture

Hollow Log - Cat Furniture

The Hollow Log is a great piece of cat furniture if your cat likes to get away from the world. It is..